Helgar is the son of Aingar – God of god. His mother is Herma – Goddess of the Earth

In the early days of elven history there were two villages. One village was in a mountain overlooking a lush and beautiful valley. The other village was in the valley. Grey elves lived in the mountain. High elves lived in the valley. They coexisted for many years. The grey elves distrusted strangers and made no friends among the other races and rarely ventured beyond their village. The high elves were happy creatures, they loved music and festivals and making friends among the other races.

One day a party of human adventurers came to the village in the valley. They wanted only to learn about the elves and to perhaps make an alliance with them. One of the humans was a fierce warrior called Helgar. He was unusually handsome for a human, tall, well muscled, dark haired, piercing blue eyes and a winning smile. He fell in love with one of the elven maidens, Nienna, and they began a secret love affair. When she told him she was pregnant, they made plans to marry. The high elves were cautious. Such a thing was unheard of. But Helgar had proved himself to be a good friend and so the match was accepted by the high elves. What was not known in the village at that time was that Helgar was actually the first born son of Aingar, the god of gods. Aingar had sent him to earth to learn more about the mortal races. Helgar was also the god of war.

The grey elves heard of this and the news of the coming child. Their leader, Calanon was livid. “This mixing of humans and elves is an evil thing. This could be the end of the elven race,” he raged. “We cannot tolerate it.” And so the grey elves raided the village in the valley. They captured Nienna and put her to death. They left her broken body on the road at the edge of the village. Helgar went mad with grief. He took his party of adventurers and they raided the mountain village and took Calanon captive. Calanon admitted that he had Nienna killed but insisted that he had done the right thing. “Elves have never harmed elves until you and your men came here.” Calanon said, staring defiantly into Helgar’s eyes. Helgar bowed his head. He realized the truth of Calanon’s words. He set Calanon free and made plans to leave the area with his men. Calanon returned to the mountain but he was angry and vengeful. He spoke to his people about the evil that had come to the elves with the arrival of the humans. They assembled a war party and made plans to attack the village in the valley before dawn. They planned to kill all the humans. One of Calanon’s men asked him what they would do if one of the high elves tried to stop them. “Kill them,” said Calanon. “If they side with the humans, kill them all.”

That night Helgar didn’t sleep. They had buried Nienna that day and he refused to leave her grave. One of his men remained with him. So when the grey elves raided the human’s lodging, they found only the remaining members of Helgar’s party. Calanon ordered that they slit the human’s throats in their sleep. When they couldn’t find Helgar, Calanon went mad with blood lust and threatened to tear the village apart. One of the high elves was having trouble sleeping and saw Calanon and his men leaving the human’s lodging, covered in blood. He grabbed his weapons and slipped away to wake as many of his friends as he could. No one knows who fired first, but the high elves and the grey elves fought each other. Helgar and his friend joined the fray. Helgar came face to face with Calanon. They fought and Helgar stabbed Calanon in the stomach, wounding him mortally. As he lay dying, Calanon told Helgar that there would never be peace between the two villages, as long as he lived.

Helgar looked at the dead and bloody bodies around him and felt great remorse. He bowed his head and prayed to Aingar, his father and god of gods. “If this is true, if the only thing that can bring peace to this valley is my death, then I ask for death.” Aingar had observed the battle and he admired his son’s spirit. Here was a man who would fight for what he believed in, but only when he felt the cause was just. One of the grey elves attacked Helgar and mortally wounded him. As the life ran out of Helgar, Aingar blessed his son and elevated him back to godhood.


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