The Legend of Winas - The Wild Mage

Winas the mage was a wild one. not in term of magic, but in term of personality. He did not care much about power. His main focus was to have a good time, often against other people.

The legend says that Winas abused magic all his life and that around 40 years old, he realized he was too far gone and that his death was near. At this time, he start planning for his biggest magic trick. He went underground and start building, scheming and most of the time, having a good time. A few years later, echo of of cave with great magical artifact started to be the talk of everyone around the world. No one knew where this cave was but everyone was looking for it.

The rumors said that inside that cave, one could find:

  • One powerful spell;
  • One powerful weapon;
  • One powerful armor;
  • One very powerful potion;

Unfortunately, this cave was never uncover and Winas was never seen again.

The Legend of Winas - The Wild Mage

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