Biggest city in the area, about 5000 people live there. The city is extremely militarized, there is soldier everywhere. There is a big wall around the city, surrounded by farm land and a market just outside the gates. Makeshift home are near the market as well.

King Araborn was loved by everyone and ruled the city for over 15 years, upon his death, a merchant by the name of Irmal with a lot of gold was able to take control of the city. It took him nearly 5 months to take full power. To get there, he got a lot of people killed. His enforcer would go in people’s home late at night and kill the man of the house, sometime raping the mother or daughter. Of course, he was hated by everyone, but also respected as they did not want to be the next one.

King Irmal was in power for a full 2 years when Wormagh decided to start challenging him. At first it was just jest, then it become insult. To a point where Irmal could not tolerate him anymore and order what he always order, Kill him. It is at this exact point that Wormagh put forward his plan. With the help of mercenaries, he was able to enter the castle (to the great surprise of everyone and killed Irmal in his bed. The next day, the city of Vargas woke up to a new King, King Wormagh.

First thing Wormagh did was to give to the people. Everyone that lost family members to the previous king was given 100 gold pieces. Second thing he did was to call for a festival (all paid by the castle). Also, he announced a tournament of champions. All these were done so that everyone would love him.

His greatest surprise, when he examine the coffer in the castle, he discovered that Irmal had left a huge sum of money. In reality, Wormagh had his eyes on the entire peninsula. He his not a good King, he gives this impression so that the people will eventually do whatever he wants, he was a very intelligent man. He was killed by a party of heroes in the year 286 of the fourth era. The newly installed king is name Gamhrow

Temple in Vargas:

  • A temple to Helgar – The God of War
    Temple run by Asir, a priest level 3th. The newest acolyte is called Kendrick and he is the son of the late leader of the church, Trom. Trom’s family has some kind of power over the Fremair family. Whenever a child is born in that family, a priest from the lineage of Trom goes and blessed the child. If done properly, the child will come into his power.

Inns in Vargas:

  • The Sunshine Willow
  • The Noble Dream
  • Flailing Axes: Very shabby inn with all sort of patrons. If one needs unlawful things done, it is where they go

In the piers area:

  • The Tavern
  • The Wharf
  • By The Sea: Open air tavern right beside the wharf

Shop in Vargas:

  • The Brewing Demons: Herbalism shop own by Rodrig (50 years old) and his boy Willy (15 years old)
  • Obron’s Shop: Magical shop which sell magical item as well as scrolls
  • Madame Boom: Crazy old women
  • Woorly’s Leather Shop: Own by Woorly, a big slow man. It is the best leather shop in the city
  • Raingurd Weapon’s Emporium: Run by Raingurd.


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