Vicward escape..... once again

After Onak death and resurrection, the party gathered in Vargas to discuss their next move. Clearly, Vicward was now a priority not only to the city, but to the party members, some more than other.

Following a mysterious lead from Azrael, the party decided to sail to M’nobil using their recently acquired SeaBitch. The trip was uneventful and they arrived in M’nobil in less than three days.

Almost everyone was quite surprised at the degree of filth and scoundrel in this city. Of course, Ellie had a huge grin on her face and everyone could only imagine the things that was going thru her head at the moment.

The party made their way to Ti’Talab and quickly spy the movement of Vicward‘s Monk. After scouting the area, they found where the monk were hiding and decide to attack. The battle was well fought and the party discovered Vicward’s location. Actually, it was clear that Vicward was taunting them.

They traveled to the Crypt of Shaevyn to find it ringed with trap. The final battle was fought and Ellie delivered the last blow to Vicward by slashing his throat


I wonder HOW she caught up to him and slashed his throat???

Vicward escape..... once again
clement_savard clement_savard

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