The Battle of Ti'Talab

In the street of Ti’Talab, a famous battle was fought between the Blue Eagle and a group of adventurers. The reason for this fight are very unclear, but rumors abound. One says that the adventurers fought to save the reputation of a damsel in distress. Others rumors talks about testosterone and other simply say that the adventurers were looking for a fight as none in the party were able to agree.

The outcome of the battle was terrible for The Blue Eagle organization. Not only did they loose some of their best soldier, they also lost Jule, the Happy one eye giant!

What happen during the battle is stuff of legends. While the gang of six were boasting before the battle, only two of them were courageous enough to take the battle straight on (Ano’Dil and Thundar The Stormbringer). But, in the end, it did not seemed like the best strategy as the one that retreated were able to inflict great damages to The Blue Eagle.

The gang of six was composed of Azrael the Bard, Ano’Dil the fair one, Adon the honorable one, Ellie (Smiley) the devious one, Thundar The Stormbringer aka The Whirling and Solarion, the magical one.

During the fight, everyone had a part. Ellie (Smiley) quickly ran away trying to take out the archers, Azrael took over the escape of the town, Adon was trying to be honorable, but in the end, failed. Ano’Dil had, perhaps, the biggest challenge as he was pined against Jule. Thanks to his wolf and some amazing feat with the sword, Jule did not last long. Thundar The Stormbringer outcome was not sure, but he came out strong in the end, his magic and strength were no match at all. As for Solarion, his magic prevailed in his victory, bt proved not enough for his companion Armadeous. Hig faithful companion fell in battle and is no more. But, Solarion action were perhaps the turning point of the battle as the darkness stone he used saved the group from a certain fate. But his most interesting action was blinking in and out of existence, taking out opponent like flies.

In the end, it was clear the gang of six were too strong for The Blue Eagle

This battle is being described everywhere in the world as a lesson. The morale of the story is simple, why fight when you can get the same result by simply talking like intelligent people. It is used in classroom to show children that by talking to each other, great things can be achieve and that violence is not the only option.

The Legend of Mordroth Vale

There is a legend of a vast underground dwarven city that was abandon long time ago. No one knows why it was abandon, some say its dragon, some says it’s a creature form the abyss, some says it was a huge war that the dwarf lost and some says that Lord Alarg was involved, no one knows for sure.

It is called the Legend of Mordroth Vale;

Vicward escape..... once again

After Onak death and resurrection, the party gathered in Vargas to discuss their next move. Clearly, Vicward was now a priority not only to the city, but to the party members, some more than other.

Following a mysterious lead from Azrael, the party decided to sail to M’nobil using their recently acquired SeaBitch. The trip was uneventful and they arrived in M’nobil in less than three days.

Almost everyone was quite surprised at the degree of filth and scoundrel in this city. Of course, Ellie had a huge grin on her face and everyone could only imagine the things that was going thru her head at the moment.

The party made their way to Ti’Talab and quickly spy the movement of Vicward‘s Monk. After scouting the area, they found where the monk were hiding and decide to attack. The battle was well fought and the party discovered Vicward’s location. Actually, it was clear that Vicward was taunting them.

They traveled to the Crypt of Shaevyn to find it ringed with trap. The final battle was fought and Ellie delivered the last blow to Vicward by slashing his throat

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